The WINDEX-300 Lidar Wind Profiler is designed to provide remote measurement of wind speed and direction at specified altitudes. WINDEX-300 is a core component of the first Russian Low-Level Wind Shear Alerting System.

WINDEX-300 is developed in accordance with the requirements of State Standard and Sanitary Rules and Regulations and refers to safe laser products. If a dangerous wind shear is detected, the system transmits corresponding messages to all air navigation users. 

The Low-Level Wind Shear Alerting System is intended to:

  • Promptly and remotely determine and display information about the vector direction and the magnitude of an airflow at specified altitudes;
  • Identify low-level wind shear and turbulence;
  • Promptly alert all air traffic participants to low-level wind shear and turbulence.


WINDEX-300 is capable of detecting:

  • Vertical wind speed component;
  • Horizontal wind speed component;
  • Headwind and tailwind components with regard to designated objects;

  • Vertical wind shear at the along-wind component with regard to the runway direction or other objects;
  • Wind speed direction with regard to the direction to the north. 



Heliports, airfields

Control of atmospheric stability.



Forecasting dangerous movements of air masses

Recreation areas

Holiday resorts

Regional meteorological forecasts.

Scientific activity

Weather Analysis Centers

Studies of propagation of radio waves and laser radiation.

Wind power

Wind power plant

Analysis of movements of air masses for increasing the efficiency of the energy received.



Forecasting the spread of emissions from enterprises.


  • Mode of operation: continuous 
  • Laser wavelength, nm: 1560;
  • Altitude range, m: from 3 to 300;
  • Wind direction measuring range, : up to 360;
  • Wind speed measurement range, m/s: up to 55;
  • Measurement cycle duration at a selected altitude, s: 4;
  • Power consumption with thermoregulation system, W: 450;
  • Power supply voltage, V: 220 (equipped with built-in backup power source);
  • Communication interfaces: RS-485, Ethernet;
  • Dimensions, LxWxH, mm: 885 1005 1430 ;
  • Weight, kg: 120;
  • Working temperatures, C: from -50 to +60;
  • Maximum and minimum operation temperature, C: -65, +70; 
  • Relative humidity at a temperature of 25C, %: from 20 to 98;
  • Atmosphere pressure, hPa: from 600 to 1080;
  • Performance under the influence of external factors: rain, icing, frost, dew, dust etc. 

WINDEX-300 is certified by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and has the Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments issued by IAC. WINDEX-300 is developed in accordance with the requirements of State Standard and Sanitary Rules and Regulations. The profiler is eye-safe and this parameter is certified by the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing's submission and by the audit. 

WINDEX-300 passed certification tests on the Obninsk Meteorological Tower. During the tests the WINDEX-300 measurement data were compared with anemometers installed at different tower heights and metrological characteristics on the aerodynamic tunnel of the State Special Standard of Air Velocity were examined (St. Petersburg). In addition, WINDEX-300 passed the all-season operational testing at the Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg).