The Meteorological Radar Station (MONOCLE) ensures meteorological radar field in areas where information on meteorological phenomena, their parameters and characteristics is collected and provided.

The Meteorological Radar Station For Airport Terminal Area (MONOCLE) consists of a weather radar unit performing emission of probing radio pulses, reception, signal pre-processing, digitization, analyses and displaying obtained information. Scanning is realized by a narrow antenna pattern beam through sequential azimuthal viewing in the horizontal plane, and then switching to elevation in the vertical plane. Doppler radar signals are processed on the basis of a coherent digital processing of the complex radio-echo spectrum.


  • detecting and classifying meteorological phenomena during circle, sectorial and scanning monitoring of the area;
  • detecting hazardous turbulence areas and wind shears;
  • displaying fields of cloudiness
  • detecting and classifying precipitation and related weather hazards, rain rate;
  • determining parameters of wind conditions in the detected cloudiness;
  • turbulence detection;
  • detecting vertical and horizontal wind shears;
  • ensuring collection, processing and timely provision of radar weather information.



Heliports, airfields

Control of atmospheric stability.



Determination of the wind shear speed and direction.

Recreation areas

Holiday resorts

Regional meteorological forecasts.

Boat traffic
Sea transport

Sea transport

Detection of weather hazards on the shipping routes.

Metropolitan cities 


Observation of the general dynamics of atmospheric conditions.



Forecasting the spread of emissions from enterprises.


  • Detection range of weather hazards, km: up to 150; 
  • Emitted signals frequency, MHz: 9330-9375;
  • Surveillance coverage, °: From 0 to 360;
  • Indicated product life cycle, years: 15
  • Warranty, years: 1;
  • Dimensions, LxWxH, mm: 1100õ1200õ1200;
  • Weight, kg: 75.

The Meteorological Radar Station For Airport Terminal Area (MONOCLE) is designed and manufactured with the use of modern technologies and an element base, which ensures high technological effectiveness, reliability, light weight and small dimensions.

A solid-state transmitter-receiver used in MONOCLE has a high stability of the carrier frequency, which allows processing coherent signals and providing a sufficiently high meteorological potential at a low radiation power. Population and staff should be 39.9 m and 6.3 m respectively away from MONOCLE in the viewing area (under the Russian Sanitary Rules and Regulations 2.1.8/

Moreover, a low power and a frequency band of radiation significantly reduce the MONOCLE contribution to the workload of the radio environment at the site. Capabilities of the carrier frequency control in any operation mode and role of radiation blocking sectors allow to quickly adapt MONOCLE to the current conditions of the radio environment and to increase the characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility and noise immunity. The MONOCLE reliability allows not to limit the time of continuous operating, as well as to minimize the costs of material and technical equipment and time for maintenance. The maintenance takes 15-20 minutes and consists in cleaning the antenna dome from contamination, checking the integrity of the dome and antenna curtain, checking the tightening force of the connectors of microwave cables. The MONOCLE operation does not require the continuous presence of maintenance personnel. MONOCLE can be installed both on stationary and mobile objects. Its mass-dimensional characteristics and design ensure simplicity of installation and dismantling. 

The Meteorological Radar Station For Airport Terminal Area (MONOCLE) passed the acceptance tests. According to the working construction documentation the batch production of the station is allowed. In addition, based on the results of acceptance tests the Meteorological Radar Station For Airport Terminal Area complies with the requirements of the preliminary national standard 170-2016 “Meteorological Radar Complex For Airport Terminal Area. Basic technical requirements and test methods”.

JSC "AMC" is constantly improving the algorithms for data processing and interpretation. Our company has a programme of development and improvement of radar products, processing and analysis for improvement. Regularly work on better filtering of weather echo signals, the improvement algorithms, the distributions of velocity, methods of extraction of the horizontal component of the wind field, the definitions of hazardous weather phenomena from one or more radars.


MONOCLE ensures collection, processing and rapid provision of radar weather information about fields of cloudiness, precipitation and related weather hazards, rain rate, wind data and turbulent condition of the atmosphere at the following airfields: 

Chkalovsky, Tolmachevo, Orlovka. The station also operates as part of the Mobile Integrated Meteorological Complex SVAROG promptly providing meteorological information in hard-to-reach areas.

During operations the Meteorological Radar Station can be installed on the roofs of administrative and other buildings and on special masts (towers). The installation site must have a level surface with a size of at least 750x750 mm, ensuring reliable installation using regular fastening kit. MONOCLE's low weight and compact dimensions also enable mobile installation option.


The Mobile Meteorological Complex SVAROG is a mobile meteorological and radar information measuring complex.

Meteorological radar complex "MONOCLE", having small dimensions and mobility it can provide the information of the local area, working in combination with other locator: confirming or clarify information in a particularly dangerous area.